By Elena

1 10 months ago

What Happened to the Good Service of Messengers???

I first called at 9:45am and was told it is on the way to our Ottawa office. I called at 12:30 – since Ottawa claimed they have not received. – I was told it’s getting delivered “as we speak” I called again at 2pm – I spoke with you and you mention it will until 5 – to which I said I clearly stated when I booked that office closes at 430 in Ottawa. 3pm – I called – its on the way – “cannot trace as its 3rd party” 330pm – I was put on hold and hang up on me or line was cut 345pm – Its’ on the way 4pm – I was lucky to get hold of you again and you assured me it will be delivered 430pm – I got a call from Ottawa – following up I was frustrated – I couldn’t call anymore else I might scream This morning – first thing I did – was do the tracking – still your system doesn’t offer any clarifty/ So I called you – hoping to get an answer = and nothing. And then now -- I just want to know if this was delivered or not. If not, why reflect the charges already -when service/s were not done Your accounting is always very prompt to charge – do they know if the items were delivered