By Elena

1 10 months ago
I don’t what’s happening with the service of Messengers now Atripco. I don’t have overdue account that would make me think that. However, lately most of the docs/ cheque envelops/ parcels delivered where later that it was before. The pick-up is also very late. When I called for courier service: •Before: There’s always an amiable agent answering the call—lately, even at exactly 8am – my calls would be either diverted to into auto answering or someone picks-up but would say “Please hold…” •Before: brokers would show in less than an hour – regardless of whether they are same day, rush or overnight. You can trace perhaps, that almost all the time, I would follow-up when the pick-up will be especially for Rush docs/cheque payments But, the parcel I sent out: -Oct. 31 –our vendor has called our Accounting that up to now, they have NOT received Used to be when I tracked – I can view : when it was delivered and WHO received it. - Nov.5 – HR print-outs Domestic EXPRESS Overnight_\: I probably have followed up a dozen times since yesterday