By Marianne Hallas

1 11 months ago

New Transition of Service

The Transition is as been a screwup so far. Could you not send an email out to your clients about this change - I guess we dont actually count. Hopefully you are adjusting your prices as well as now you have increased our costs too - I have download on the computer to make it easy for filling in shipments and printing. Not knowing about the change made think your total system was just now not changing. Then you change the account number for my computer and zillions others without telling us - Bad Business Move on your part. I have been involved with Messengers and the other companies it took over since about 2003 and I hope you dont screw up their system. I don't like being in the dark about your new billing processes and shipping types. BOTTOM YOU SHOULD HAVE LET YOUR CUSTOMERS THIS WAS HAPPENING TODAY - I feel you are hiding things from your clients who kept you in business for all these years.