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By Shanea

1 Nov 22, 2019


We have used The Messengers for years without issue. Since the merger with Atripco, prices have tripled and service is non-existent. Terrible experience every time - DO NOT waste your money using this company, they don't even show up to get the packages, and then charge you triple for delivery because of their own mistake.
By Elena

1 Nov 7, 2019

What Happened to the Good Service of Messengers???

I first called at 9:45am and was told it is on the way to our Ottawa office. I called at 12:30 – since Ottawa claimed they have not received. – I was told it’s getting delivered “as we speak” I called again at 2pm – I spoke with you and you mention it will until 5 – to which I said I clearly stated when I booked that office closes at 430 in Ottawa. 3pm – I called – its on the way – “cannot trace as its 3rd party” 330pm – I was put on hold and hang up on me or line was cut 345pm – Its’ on the way 4pm – I was lucky to get hold of you again and you assured me it will be delivered 430pm – I got a call from Ottawa – following up I was frustrated – I couldn’t call anymore else I might scream This morning – first thing I did – was do the tracking – still your system doesn’t offer any clarifty/ So I called you – hoping to get an answer = and nothing. And then now -- I just want to know if this was delivered or not. If not, why reflect the charges already -when service/s were not done Your accounting is always very prompt to charge – do they know if the items were delivered
By Elena

1 Nov 7, 2019
I don’t what’s happening with the service of Messengers now Atripco. I don’t have overdue account that would make me think that. However, lately most of the docs/ cheque envelops/ parcels delivered where later that it was before. The pick-up is also very late. When I called for courier service: •Before: There’s always an amiable agent answering the call—lately, even at exactly 8am – my calls would be either diverted to into auto answering or someone picks-up but would say “Please hold…” •Before: brokers would show in less than an hour – regardless of whether they are same day, rush or overnight. You can trace perhaps, that almost all the time, I would follow-up when the pick-up will be especially for Rush docs/cheque payments But, the parcel I sent out: -Oct. 31 –our vendor has called our Accounting that up to now, they have NOT received Used to be when I tracked – I can view : when it was delivered and WHO received it. - Nov.5 – HR print-outs Domestic EXPRESS Overnight_\: I probably have followed up a dozen times since yesterday
By Marianne Hallas

1 Oct 30, 2019

New Transition of Service

The Transition is as been a screwup so far. Could you not send an email out to your clients about this change - I guess we dont actually count. Hopefully you are adjusting your prices as well as now you have increased our costs too - I have download on the computer to make it easy for filling in shipments and printing. Not knowing about the change made think your total system was just now not changing. Then you change the account number for my computer and zillions others without telling us - Bad Business Move on your part. I have been involved with Messengers and the other companies it took over since about 2003 and I hope you dont screw up their system. I don't like being in the dark about your new billing processes and shipping types. BOTTOM YOU SHOULD HAVE LET YOUR CUSTOMERS THIS WAS HAPPENING TODAY - I feel you are hiding things from your clients who kept you in business for all these years.
By Jason

1 May 17, 2019
Reply by The Messengers International May 17, 2019
Hi Jason, My apologies on our shortcomings. I see in our system that the package has been picked up and is on its way to its destination. We did, in fact, have a computer system issue today, but this does not explain the poor communication and customer service you experienced. I have removed the charge for this delivery. It should be completed soon. If you would like to discuss further, please reach out to me (Mat) at our main line. Thank you, and I hope your long weekend is an enjoyable one.
By Melinda

1 Jan 29, 2019


Seriously. These guys are open 9 - 5. A delivery service is open 9 - 5? Total crap.
Reply by The Messengers International May 17, 2019
Melinda, We are open 5am-6pm, Mon-Fri, and these hours have suited our customers for 35 years. If you need an evening or after-hours courier, I can recommend some.
By Cathie

5 Jan 16, 2019

Great Service!

We always have excellent and helpful service from Messengers!
By Sandra McNally

1 Dec 21, 2018
Reply by The Messengers International Dec 24, 2018
Sandra, I am very sorry to hear about your experience. I would like to know more details so that I can fully investigate. Please reach out to me; call our office and ask for Mat. I will ensure that we make this right.
By Steve at Tristone

5 Oct 9, 2018

Best courier service!

We have relied on The Messengers International for about 25 years now. No matter the size of shipment or where it is being delivered to, we can count on our clients receiving the deliveries on time and without damage. You have really saved us on tight deadlines. Thank you!
Reply by The Messengers International Dec 24, 2018
Thanks Steve! Always great to hear from a happy customer!
By Diana

5 Oct 9, 2018

Administrative Assistant - ConMico

Great !!, reliable never experienced a problem. Fast and efficient whenever I call to schedule a pick up.